Forest Avenue

The day I had been dreading had finally rolled around. My last day in Dublin, my farewell Brunch. Many of you know that I’ve moved to Edinburgh and hope to keep the blog running here….of course I’ll be home regularly so when I’m in Dublin I’ll obviously be brunching! But from now on, you can … More Forest Avenue

Soder + Ko, Dublin

As soon as I heard about this Scandi-Asian fusion restaurant that was serving brunch, I was intrigued. I’ll never get tired of the classics, but it is nice to have something really different every now and then. Soder + Ko is on South Great Georges St and right in the catchment area for Dublin’s budding … More Soder + Ko, Dublin

Bon Appetit, Malahide

The morning didn’t start well. Hangovers had hit hard and alarms had been snoozed into redundancy. But I was determined to make the 40 minute drive north to Bon Appetit. My brunch senses were tingling. They had just launched their brunch menu the week before, so I wanted to give it a try before the … More Bon Appetit, Malahide

Gotham South, Dublin

I went to Gotham South for dinner last week (a gal can’t exist on brunch alone!) and it was absolutely delicious. I’ve picked up plenty of takeaway pizzas from here before but I hadn’t really looked at much else on the menu. After such a great dinner, I decided to check if they did brunch…and … More Gotham South, Dublin